Are you looking for a private label clothing manufacturers? Prototype offers custom apparel manufacturing to fashion industry clients both small & large. Our team has extensive experience manufacturing a wide range of clothing and other soft goods. Best of all, we specialize in working with both small business buyers and small business suppliers.

These days there are a lot of fashion labels who care deeply about ethics and sustainability in their supply chain. All the attention has created a demand, and a financial incentive, for suppliers to provide higher levels of concern for the safety and health of their staff, as well as more environmentally-friendly options for the manufacturing process and supplies.

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If you are a fashion designer, developer or marketer and have your products designed and ready to manufacture, talk to us. We’re custom clothing manufacturers and we’re ready to give you quick and accurate quotes on your project.

Don’t have your tech packs and/or samples ready yet? In that case, you’re not quite ready for manufacturing. You’ve got a few details left to work out. That’s ok. We’ve got you! That’s what our designing and product development services are for. The further along you are, the cheaper it is to develop. So, just get as far as you can and let us do the rest!

For retailers, enterprise customers and fashion labels, they may need ready products, materials or other resources custom sourced for their needs. We have an extensive network in India and are able to source pretty much anything that is, or can be, made in this country.